I’m going to start this review off like i did Burgie Streetz album review because this review is for his partner Young Deuces (the other half off the super group SNYD for those that don’t know) new album My Unapologetic Black Thoughts releasing on April 30th! Like I said I’m already a fan of their music so I’m already amped up to hear Young Deuces solo album. Looking at the cover listeners should already know what they are about to immerse their eardrums to so I’m going to leave my  warning right here:

*Warning:  If you’re looking for club tracks, trap and party music only…..this is not the Album for you so don’t judge it from that perspective. It’s pure real uncut and unapologetic hip hop.

Young Deuces new album My Unapologetic Black Thoughts consists of 13 Hip Hop tracks in which Young Deuces gets everything off  his mind and releases it on all 13 of his new tracks. Topics included in this album stem from current events, past events, and his own personal struggles and situations in which he ties all together over great production by K. Mel Beatz & AJA Productions. What also makes this album a must have is the bonus spoken word poems and snippets which are mixed in at the end of a few of the tracks, i won’t say which ones you have to listen to the album to get all the gems! This album is exactly what everyone needs to hear right now and once you hear the first track titled Black Thoughts you will immediately be captured by Young Deuces strong lyrical flow. In the beginning of the track in he details the current state of the world from his point of view on how the system is against “Blacks” and then he flips it right when the beat drops and goes into a uplifting and inspiring flow after a potent line that goes; “NO MORE REAL NIGGAS WE TURNING OURSELVES INTO NEW KINGS”.  The first track is the most important track on a Album or EP, in my opinion, because it sets the mode and Young Deuces didn’t disappoint!

Young Deuces second track Watch Us which features great vocals over the hook by Beverly Anne picks up right where the his first track left off with positive vibes in which Young Deuces preaches to the listeners to not let the system keep you down and stop letting the systems views and vices create more problems between “Blacks” but instead rise above by staying postive.

Young Deuces lead single track 3 Martin-Malcom is a powerful statement track ripping every part of the system from the police, government, and the president while he describes how his feelings are caught up between 2 of the most controversial leaders in “Black” history Martin Luther King (justice with a non violent approach) and Malcom X (justice by any means necessary).

 Young Deuces continues to rip apart all the wrong doings by the system, government and police in the next 4 tracks titled “Run of Harriet”, “We at war”, “Relapse” and “The Lie”, then he switches it up with the final 6 tracks by shifting the tone of the album more on his struggle and grind with tracks like “All on me”, “Stay With Me”, “Where I Want To Be”, “Changed”, “My Hustle” and “Underdogs” which is the track I was waiting because its a collaboration with his partner Burgie Streetz (The other half of the super group SNYD Streetz N Young Deuces). Underdogs shows the amazing chemistry that Young Deuces and Burgie Streetz have as they go in on a energetic club type track rapping about how they want their shot at the top and no longer want to be considered a Underdog.

Young Deuces album gets nothing but thumbs up from me and its definitely a must have when it drops on April 30th 2018 due to the lyrical details he gives each track and the uncut in depth topics that he forces down the listeners eardrum. I mean what more do you want from an MC or album….stays on topic….punch lines…..good flow….good delivery…..great production…..only 1 feature……But what really makes it stand out are the short spoken word poems and the other uplifting snippets at the end of most of the tracks so listeners if you want the full effect of this album…….don’t skip any tracks!!!

Download his album off of itunes now!!