Burgie Streetz Gods Hand EP review by J. Park

First off I been a fan of Burgie Streetz, half of the super group Streetz & Young Deuces, but I never heard him solo, so when I got the email about his new EP release I immediately listened to it. My review on the EP is a lil past the deadline but as a fan and my first review of a project I had to make sure I gave this EP a few more spins.

*Warning:  If you’re looking for club tracks and party music only…..this is not the EP for you so don’t judge it from that perspective. It’s pure hip hop.

Burgie Streetz new EP called Gods Hands consists of 15 Hip Hop tracks that gives the listeners a in depth Ride on his life, and his grind to make it to the top of the music industry. Burgie Streetz lyrical laid back flow hits hard with potent content and a in depth perspective on his life with nothing held back as he speaks on his family, friends, situations (Good & Bad) and all the people that turned their back on him. The production on this EP gives Burgie Streetz the score as he needs as he pours out his soul on each track, uncut, raw, no fear. Pure Hip Hop listeners will appreciate this release from Burgie Streetz because he is a true MC and his EP gives listeners a break from all the monotony, mumble rap, over auto-tuned music that’s being promoted in the main stream media. Burgie Streetz stays within the theme of the EP which is rare, usually when you listen to artists projects they be all over the place with no structure. The hot Production for the EP comes from hitmakers T. Streetz, Christian Von Rebel, LoKey, Mr. Flamez, District Redd, Renz Young & Big Boy.

Listeners will immediately be locked in after listening to the first few bars from Burgie Streetz “MMI intro” which gives the EP its tone with his smooth lyrical flow as he releases everything inside of him on the track giving the listeners access to his life and issues and he goes further into his life and situations with tracks “What They Doin”, “Down”, “Karma” & “Glory” which keeps up with the theme of the EP.Burgie Streetz also gives listeners a few upbeat bangers such as “Beautiful”, “2 Busy”, “Pressure”, “Real Ain’t Real”, Pressure and “Dangerous” which features his partner Young Deuces which gives the EP a break from the gritty story felt tracks while staying within the theme of the EP by still providing realism over great production.

He ends his EP with 2 potent tracks one called “Gods Hands” in which he goes back in on his life and let’s the listeners know that he has grown and learned from his decisions and through the good and bad he puts everything in Gods Hands, and his final stamp and statement track call “Glow” as he showcases his lyrical ability and gives the listeners the reason why he needs to be in the game. 

I won’t go into depth on each track, but I could easily but trust me, Burgie Streetz EP Gods Hands proves that he belongs up there with the top MC’s in the music industry because he shows diversity, story telling abilities, and his bars and punch lines are always potent. Listen to his EP and judge it for yourself!

Review by J. Park from Blazing Flame Radio